Onychomycosis is a type of fungal infection that occurs either to toenail or fingernail. It can combine any component of nail unit like bed, matrix or plate. Onychomycosis can be very painful, disfigurement and increases the level of discomfort thus might also result in many physical issues.

What are the sign and symptoms of Onychomycosis?

Patient with Onychomycosis might also come across some below given symptoms like:

  • Onychomycosis disease keep on increasing thus results problem during walking, standing and exercising.
  • At initial stage the appearance of nail starts changing, without giving any physical symptoms.
  • Starts feeling inhibited in social interaction and self-esteem gets lost
  • Patient starts feeling discomfort, pain, paresthesia and loss of dexterity

How many subtypes of Onychomycosis are there?

There are 5 subtypes of Onychomycosis, they are as follows:

  1. Distal lateral subungual onychomycosis (DLSO)
  2. White superficial onychomycosis (WSO)
  3. Proximal subungual onychomycosis (PSO)
  4. Endonyx onychomycosis (EO)
  5. Candidal onychomycosis

In reality you can get infected with any subtypes of Onychomycosis, most dangerous is that in which you would get opaque, thickened and yellow-brown color nail.

How to diagnose Onychomycosis?

Patient must take proper care of Onychomycosis as soon as possible, otherwise problem would increase. You can take Direct microscopy of 20% potassium hydroxide (KOH) preparation in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) that can screen for fungi.Thus with proper fungal culture you can easily identify the species of organism and can get proper therapy thereafter.

Onychomycosis can also be treated topically or orally, thus proper combination of topical and systemic treatment helps to increase the rate of cure. Not only this but Adjunctive surgical measure can also be adopted in some rare situation.

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