Nail bed skin is underneath the nail plate, it is made of two types tissue epidermis and deeper layer of dermis. Nail bed is helpful in pushing new nail forward, the tiny longitudinal called grooves or matrix crests helps in connecting the epidermis to dermis.

How damage occur to nail bed?

When compression occurs in nail bed in between the bent or broken nail and in distal phalanx of finger then nail bed gets damaged. Nail bed can become damaged because of sudden accident and many other reason for damage can be there and the damaged nail are very painful. It is important to treat the damaged nail soon if ignored then it might cause permanent painful or chronic deformity in the nail plate.

How to diagnose damage nail bed?

Diagnosis of damaged nail bed can be done by bone exposure, evidence of fingertip contusion, signs of contamination, and viability of surrounding skin and sometimes Radiographic tests can also be advised by the Doctor.

How to treat Damaged Nail Bed?

The injured nail are nicely examined in order to make the assurance of complete injury of the nail bed. Main aim is to treat the damage nail bed completely and make it back to its previous condition. In case subungual hematoma  occurred in which blood gets collected benethe the nail then it gets treated by draining the blood via small hole in the nail, then patient gets relief and if injury is severe then surgery might be required.  There are many situation in which nail gets healed completely and returns back to its normal state.

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