What are the Topical Treatments (over-the-counter)?

Topical Treatments

Professional Laser And Light- based Toenail Fungus Treatment Vs OTC – It is expensive, Everywhere it is not available and also takes time.

1. Over the Counter Electronic Nail Fungus Treatment Device –

A. Cleartouch Nail LHE Phototheropy Technology:-

This device is FDA-cleared battery –powered electronic device having Phototheropy Technology uses light with balanced wavelengths, intensity and treats its exposure to special dermatological conditions like Toenail Fungus.

B. Cure Ex Toenail Fungus Treatment Laser Device:-

  • It avails even faster and highly effective treatment right into your home.
  • By pressing one button, the battery operated laser device automatically gets to work. The treatment is fast, painless and involves no cutting, scrapping or slicing to warrant any cleaning.
  • The indicator automatically goes out at the end of each treatment session. After 4-weeks of treatment, you will get effective results
  • You can also call it Toenail Fungus Remover, Toenail Fungus Killer, Nail Fungus Killer, Nail Fungus Remover, or whatever else.

C. Salon Finger and Toenail Fungus Treatment Machine:-

Salon Finger and Toenail Fungus Treatment Machine has 655nm high wattage machine, protective eye-wear (2) fungicide gel, activator and complete instructions. Many times this machine has proved more powerful than other systems and achieves better results in as little as three sessions. It is a very solid addition to the professional aesthetician’s equipment base.

2. Oral Nail Fungal Treatment/Medicine like Efinaconazole, Terbinafine etc.-

It has been observed that mostly people don’t like prescribed medicines. They fear of the following things –

Fear of adverse reactions and possibilities of long-term side effects. Also many people have stigmatic feeling of taking infection. The combination of topical and homeopathic blend proves to fight the nail fungus without the use of severe chemicals and any side effects.