Topical Prescription (Rx) Treatments for Toe Nail Fungus

If you want to use the oral spray, the manufacturer recommends that two sprays should be delivered under the tongue three times daily for adults and children over twelve years of age. There is no guidance suggested for children belonging to twelve years of age. You will have to consult the physician to use it for children under age twelve.

Topical Prescription (Rx) TreatmentsNo information is given about the product label; nor is there any on the website of the company. The topical solution comes with a built in applicator brush. The manufacturer recommends that three brush strokes be applied three times each day to the affected areas. As for precaution, by reusing an applicator brush which is stored in the solution, the solution becomes contaminated with fungi and other microorganisms. The risk of getting re infected and spreading the infection increases if we use this procedure. The better application practice would be to apply solution saturated cotton swab and then apply the remedy to affected areas. This is the perfect procedure of following the Topical Treatment Remedies.