Surgical Treatment

None wants to have Toenail fungus problem. But when it becomes unavoidable and an infection occurs, there are a variety of methods that sufferers can apply to get rid of it. Surgery is among them. But this is generally only recommended when the fungal infection is very severe. The surgery may include the removal of the entire nail. And that is very horrible.

What is the Procedure of Surgery?

Surgical MedicationSurgical nail removal can be done at either a clinic or a doctor’s cabin. Two type of procedures are found here like -“avulsion” which is the removal of the entire nail and there is also “debridement” which indicates that only a part of the nail is removed. Both of the procedures are feel painful and time-taking. To decrease pain, an injection is made into the finger or toe where the nail needs to be removed. The doctor then loosens the skin surrounding the infected nail so that it can be separated from the skin by using a tool that goes underneath the nail. After the removal of either the entire nail or part of it, an antibiotic ointment is applied and then is covered with gauze and tape.

Result after surgery?

It has been observed that wound needs to be clean and dried regularly for the first few weeks. The antibiotic ointment also needed to be regularly applied. Complete healing is expected within few weeks, however the nails do take much longer time to grow back. It takes about six months for fingernails and between 12 and 18 months for toenails to grow out.

Demerits of the surgery

People could imagine of removing a fingernail or toenail could be how painful. Pain is the most obvious risk withSurgical Treatmentsurgically removing infected nails. That is why such procedure is only performed if a large portion of the nail are other risks also .

The risk of infection can increase if the area is not kept clean, dry and regularly treated with antibiotic ointment. Regularly you must take-care of the operated area upon which is careful attendancy is very important for a full recovery. Unfortunately, the nails are not guaranteed to grow back perfectly either. The site notes that sometimes, abnormal nail growth results post-surgery. They could grow back in odd shapes and have strange appearances.

Is Surgery much reliable?

All this depends on the severeness of the case. Alert and careful dressing and ointment application will give a positive result. During the surgical treatment the nail matrix can also be destroyed during the removal procedure. This treatment cures a diseased or disfigured nail from growing back. Surgery should be considered a last option. A safer, more pain-free solution can be found in Zetaclear is the most pain free and reliable Toenail Fungus solution.