There are many antifungal solution available and used for the treatment of many fungal infection. The solution are available in spray, cream, tablet, shampoo, in this the tablet are available to go in the vagina (pessaries). Mainly length of treatment depends upon severity level of fungal problem you have.

What are fungal infections?

The fungal germ can be anywhere like on food, soil, on our skin, but some fungal germs (fungi) might also occur on toes and feet, these are Tinea fungi infection mainly occurs on athlete’s foot.  In addition tinea infection are also responsible to cause ringworm (tinea corporis) and scalp ringworm (tinea capitis). Many type of nail infections occur due to fungus like fungal infection of vagina and mouth is known as thrush.  All this happens due to overgrowth of candida, which is a type of yeast.

How does antifungal medicine woks?

There are many antifungal infection medicine available in the market in the form of spray, cream, tablet, solution, injection, shampoo. The medicine damages the cell wall of fungus and results in fungal cell to die.

Antifungal spray, cream and liquid solution, shampoo are mainly used for the treatment of infection on the nails, skin and scalp. Like clotrimazole, ketoconazole, econazole, tioconazole, miconazole, amorolfine, and terbinafine all are available in different brand names.

Antifungal medicines taken by mouth, there are many types of medicine like: Terbinafine, fluconazole, voriconazole, posaconazole, and itraconazole are available as tablets, it gets absorbed within the body.

Antifungal pessaries, these medicines are designed in the form of tablet to be put into the vagina for the treatment of vaginal thrush mainly used medicine are clotrimazole, miconazole, fenticonazole and econazole.

Antifungal injections, this treatment is mainly used when the patient is very seriously infected with fungus within the body and is admitted in hospital. Sometimes used medicines are Amphotericin, itraconazole, flucytosine, anidulafungin, voriconazole, micafungin and caspofungin.

What is the length of treatment?

The treatment length depends only on the severity of fungal infection in the body.

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